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It has been a busy preparation and coordination with all the parties involved, but a totally fulfilling moment for all exhibitors, sponsors, guest and for the public. Commending and recognition to everyone with their effort behind the sucessful turnout of the 1st Airsoft Exhibit in Zambales!

COLEY’s TACTICAL SHOP would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported the cause and made everything possible.

To the Harbor Point Ayala Malls organization and Security Officers and allowing us to organized and lead this event. To Vice Mayor Jong Cortez for his continued support. To the SAF Team for their participation and support, and to all the participants who joined the competition, and to all our clients who dropped by and everyone who had purchased airsoft units and self-defense items, and those that tried our firing range. To all the wonderful sponsors, our family and friends, always there to show support with our cause.

Thank you all for making this event a memorable one!

May we inspire more people to engage in this type of hobby and spread this enjoyable experience with everyone!

Join us for the 2nd Airsoft Exhibit in 2023!

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