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 Intro to Fire and Safety Inspection and Intro to Fire Safety Investigation

 Elevate Your Fire Safety Skills with Alpha-1’s New Courses!

Ready to enhance your expertise and make a real impact in fire safety? Join Alpha-1's latest courses:

 Intro to Fire and Safety Inspection: Master the art of conducting detailed fire and safety inspections to ensure compliance with fire codes and regulations.

 Intro to Fire Safety Investigation: Unlock the skills to investigate fire incidents, determine causes, and implement preventative measures.

These Intro Courses provides a general introduction and Overview to Fire Safety and Investigations. The course provides selected amount of general information on the industry practices, roles and responsibilities, terms and vocabulary, etc… The course will prepare the students or participants for higher learning and to study for higher certification levels in Fire and Safety Inspection and Fire Investigation matters and practices.

This course is designed for Emergency First Responders, EMS personnel, Fire & Fire Rescue personnel, Security Personnel and Law Enforcement, Military Personnel, Manufacturing and Assembly Operations, Oil and Gas, and other Industrial facilities and complexes.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to advance your career and contribute to a safer community!

Why choose Alpha-1?

 Expert Instructors: Learn from the best in the industry.

 Comprehensive Curriculum: Gain in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience.

 Career Advancement: Boost your qualifications and open up new job opportunities.

 Safety First: Equip yourself with the skills to conduct thorough and effective safety inspections.

 Critical Skills: Learn how to identify and mitigate potential fire hazards, ensuring a safer environment for everyone.

Why is this training beneficial?

 Enhances your ability to conduct fire safety assessments in various environments.

 Increases your knowledge of fire codes, regulations, and safety protocols.

 Prepares you for real-world scenarios, improving your decision-making and problem-solving skills.

 Provides you with a competitive edge in the job market with specialized training.

 Contributes to the overall safety of your community by preventing potential fire hazards.

Message us now to secure your spot!

For inquiries and other training available, visit us at:

Alpha-1 Technical Training and Consulting Services

#100 Magsaysay Drive (4th flr) East Tapinac, Olongapo City. Along 7th St. Friendship Rotonda, in front of 7/11 Store and Security Bank.

Contact us:

 Smart: +63961-897-0800

 Globe: +63977-036-3600 / +63917-557-7744

 WhatsApp: +63 917 807 4500

Desire to Serve, Ability to Perform, Courage to Act. We Are... Alpha-1!

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