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Congratulations to Firefighting Class 6!

From mastering theory in online classes to hands-on training with Alpha-1 Technical Training and Consulting Services, we've sharpened our firefighting skills with unwavering dedication and seamless teamwork.

Our diverse cohort from Manila International Airport, Iloilo, Batangas, Tarlac, Bataan, and Pampanga exemplify the power of unity in safeguarding lives and property. The need for effective firefighting has never been more critical as we face evolving challenges. Let's continue to train, adapt, and protect our communities!

Exciting Announcement! Alpha-1 is thrilled to open enrollment for Firefighting Class 7! This program begins this coming August and offers a unique opportunity to master both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Join a diverse cohort from various regions and prepare yourself for global firefighting opportunities in places like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and many more!

 Hurry and secure your spot today!

We accept Installment via Home Credit.


 Message us now to secure your spot!

 Smart: +63961-897-0800

 Globe: +63977-036-3600 / +63917-557-7744

 WhatsApp: +63 917 807 4500

Desire to Serve, Ability to Perform, Courage to Act. We Are... Alpha-1!

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