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"Empowering women is not just a day, it's every day. Proud to support International Women's Day with Alpha 1!

"We at Alpha 1, we proudly champion equal opportunities for both men and women.  As we celebrate International Women's Day, we emphasize our commitment to empowering women through training and services.  From inclusive programs to highlighting success stories, we strive to create an environment where women thrive.  

Join us in commemorating this day, not just as an event, but as a continuous commitment to advancing gender equality in education, skills development, and service delivery.

Here are some great experiences and feedback from our outstanding women.

Happy International Women's Day! Let's celebrate the achievements of women everywhere!

For upcoming trainings and seminars, keep visiting our FB page to get a chance to sign-up and attend.

For further details, contact us directly.

+639 17 557 7744

+639 61 897 0800

Or email us at

Office Address:

#100 Magsaysay Drive (4th floor) East Tapinac, Olongapo City, Philippines. Along 7th St. Friendship Rotonda, in front of 7/11 Store.

“Desire To Serve, Ability To Perform, Courage To Act.”

We Are...Alpha-1

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