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Highland Bali- Water Safety and Survival Rescue Training Class 09

“Not all swimmers are capable of saving lives. Be it to safely rescue a drowning victim from the water or once in the clear, to perform the basic life support or CPR needed to get the victim back to life. This is why we require a standardized training in both rescue procedures or techniques and the provision of the much needed initial medical care. “ Alpha-1 is pleased to offer you our international expertise and training methodology with over 45 years in the emergency services industry. Headed by a Certified International Lifeguard Instructor under WASH, a Registered Nurse and member of Team Habagat, Mr. Ryan Jessie Y. Payumo. Together with our Executive Director Sr. Chief Oliver C. Coley and Executive Administrator Ms. Anna Liza M. Lagbas, with co-intrstuctor Mr. Carlito De Guzman who is also a Certified International LG Instructor and member of team Habagat, Mr. Jose Donardo Zerrudo, Mr. Joaquin Galvez and Mr. Sean Carlo Lagbas and team. Thank you Highland Bali Villas Resort and Spa for the continued trust of our technical services. We look forward to assist you again in the upcoming training. CONGRATULATIONS TO YOUR TEAM!!! __________________________________________ Water Safety and Survival Rescue Training Class 10 Registration is Now Open! We Accept Installment via Home Credit! GET YOUR RESERVATION NOW Contact us today to learn more about our training courses! Contact Numbers: Globe : 0917557 7744 Smart: 09618970800 Email Add: Office Add: #100 Magsaysay Drive (4th flr) East Tapinac Olongapo City. Philippines. Along 7th St. Friendship Rotonda, in front of 7/11 Store “Raising the Standard of Emergency Response is our GOAL.” Desire To Serve, Ability to Perform, Courage To Act! We Are... ALPHA-1! #watersafety #lifeguard #lifeguarding #openwatertraining #lifesaver #lifesavingskills #safetyfirst #InternationalStandards #beach #rescue #lifeguards #sea #life #baywatch #swimming #ocean #lifeguardlife #lifeguardtraining #lifesaving #lifestyle #water #swim #swiftwater #responders #poollifeguard #InternationalStandards #WashAccredited #lifeguardlife #lifeguardjobs #HighlandBaliExperience #HighlandBali

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