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Water Safety and Survival Rescue Training (Class 4)

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Alpha-1 Technical Training & Consulting Services conducted this year another successful Water Safety and Survival Rescue Training leading to this years completion of Class 3 under the Water Safety Program.

In behalf of the Alpha-1 Team, we would like to extend our sincere appreciation with YMCA Staff and to our City Mayor Hon. Rolen C. Paulino Jr. for allowing us to conduct our third Water Safety Survival & Rescue Training.

Successfully accomplishing all required Competency Skill Levels and Practical Examinations, Alpha-1's curriculum requirements were achieved under the careful management and instructions by none other than Alpha-1’s Senior Instructor and Program Head for Water Safety Programs, Mr. Ryan Jessie Payumo assisted by Assistant Instructor Mr. Carlo de Guzman.

More importantly, Alpha-1’s Emergency Medical Instructor and Primary Safety Officer, Mr. Manuel Gabriel who maintains the Operations Safety Protocols of all training requirements under Alpha-1 Training curriculum. All training days were incident free! At Alpha-1, the safety of our participants is paramount and vital to maintain a successful program.

And to Class 3 participants, Thank You for trusting Alpha-1 Team and Congratulations to all!

May all of you maintain and exercise the high standards exemplified by Alpha-1. Stay educated, train as often and as much as possible, and demonstrate yourself as a TRUE and TRAINED Water Safety & Survival Operator.

Good luck and stay safe!

Registration for CLASS 4 Water Safety and Rescue Training is NOW OPEN! Pls message us directly.

For further details and inquiries you may visit us at:

#100 Magsaysay Drive(4th flr) East Tapinac Olongapo City, Philippines. Along 7th St. Friendship Rotonda, in front of 7/11 Store and Security Bank.

Or Contact us:

Smart: +63961-897-0800

Globe: +63977-036-3600/+63917-557-7744

Whatsapp: +63 917 807 4500

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