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We extend our deepest gratitude to the amazing students who joined us from ZAMBOANGA DEL NORTE (Mindanao), SBMA, Zambales, Bataan, Olongapo, and all the way from QATAR (MIDDLE EAST) for our immersive Water Safety and Survival Rescue Training (“Lecture with Agility Test and Pool Training”)

This intensive course focused on equipping individuals with essential water safety skills, survival techniques, and efficient rescue strategies. Our dedicated team of instructors delivered comprehensive lectures, engaging agility tests, and invigorating pool training sessions. It was an immersive experience that empowered participants to confidently respond to water-related emergencies.

We encourage everyone to consider enrolling in our upcoming trainings. Together, let's make water safety a top priority and build a community that values preparedness, vigilance, and the unwavering commitment to saving lives.

Thank you once again to all our participants, and let's continue to make waves towards a safer future!

---------------------------- Water Safety and Survival Rescue Training Class 9 Registration is Now Open!

We Accept Installment via Home Credit! GET YOUR RESERVATION NOW

Contact us today to learn more about our training courses! Contact Numbers: Globe : 0917557 7744 Smart: 09618970800

Email Add:

Office Add: #100 Magsaysay Drive (4th flr) East Tapinac Olongapo City. Philippines. Along 7th St. Friendship Rotonda, in front of 7/11 Store

“Raising the Standard of Emergency Response is our GOAL.”

Desire To Serve, Ability to Perform, Courage To Act!

We Are... ALPHA-1!

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