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Meeting with D&L Industries

It's great to know that industry leaders understand the standardization of training curriculums including adherence to international best practices.

Thank you D&L Fire Chief David Chung, Deputy Fire Chief Gerry Yap, HSE Admin Associate Mildred Lagata and Mr. Chung's Wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Chung. With Alpha-1 Executive Director Sr. Chief Oliver C. Coley, Executive Administrator- Ms. Anna Liza M. Lagbas, Marketing Officer- Ms. Lovely Rose Ann Gapoy, Accounting Officer- Ms. Mary Dith Morales and OIC- Ms. Trissha Nealle Elorde.

Looking forward working with D&L Industries and their emergency responders.

“Desire To Serve, Ability To Perform, Courage To Act.”

We Are… Alpha-1

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Mar 24, 2023


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