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Chief Coley the Executive Director of Alpha-1, a Certified International NFPA Senior Instructor is an industry leader and practitioner in Hazmat and CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, High-Yield Explosives) both in the operational and command levels.

The INTRO courses are intended for Emergency First Responders, EMS personnel, Fire Rescue Personnel, Security and Law Enforcement Personnel and Military Personnel. #IntrotoHazmatCourse

The HAZMAT INTRO primarily benefits Manufacturing and Assembly Operations, Oil and Gas, and other Industrial sites and complexes.

For further details and inquiries, you may contact us:

Smart: +63961-897-0800 Globe: +63917-557-7744

Email Address:

“Desire To Serve, Ability To Perform, Courage To Act.”

We Are… ALPHA-1

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